February Money Saving Tip for Parents

You’ll find that many of our previous tips are great ways to save money but they might not help you when you have already spent out on uniform. There can be some great perks to being part of a community of parents just like yourselves and that's why we started our Customer Club.

Our Customer Club newsletter is jam-packed full of uniform maintenance hints and tips and notice of upcoming sales and discounts and clearance lines. This is the perfect way to make sure you get stocked up and save money at every opportunity.

There are also regular free draws for Club members, so sign up now for a chance to win!

If you find buying a stressful experience when we are busy, customer club members are entitled to priority fittings where we can spend time with you to make sure you have everything you need.

Finally we also have a Savings Club so you can save at times of the year when you may have some money to spare. Summer holidays can be expensive before worrying about school uniform costs, so make sure this time next year you are part of our customer club community!

To join now simply click here.