January - Money Saving Tip - Second hand uniform!

With children growing so quickly, you might often feel like you need to buy new uniforms every couple of terms just to keep up. The good news is that most parents are in the same boat. In fact, someone else may be discarding a perfectly good uniform that would fit your child perfectly.

At Dorset Schoolwear we help you to choose the right uniform which will last as long as possible, but when a child has grown significantly, many schools have a ‘pre-loved’ uniform programme, where outgrown items are donated, and then sold on cheaply to raise money for the school. This can be a great way to kit out your child with good quality items, especially branded items like jumpers.

If you’re not sure where to start with finding second hand uniforms, ask the school if they already have a second-hand uniform scheme. There are also great groups on social media which allow parents to share uniform which is still in great condition. We love to see our own items being resold as we know they have lasted the test of time!

We recommend that if your child has grown out of their uniform, you can either keep it either for your other children to wear in the future, or offer it to local friends and family who are looking to save money.