Money Saving Tip - Albeit a bit Cheesy!

We know that as parents it's always satisfying to find new ways to save money. That's why we will be sharing some great tips through our blog. Please share this with your friends if you think they will enjoy it.

Here's a 'grate' tip for February...

Recently at home we were passed a tip that, by grating cheese in bulk and storing it in a bag in the fridge, you can use less cheese. To my surprise... It’s true!

At first we grated a block of mature Cheddar using a hand grater; tiresome but, not only do we find that the same weight of cheese went further, when we need grated cheese for baked potatoes, sandwiches, homemade pizzas etc., it is so easy just to get what we want from the bag in the fridge. Moreover more benefits ensued: less grating of knuckles and fingers trying to completely grate a small lump and, most importantly, less washing up of the grater!

Since this revelation we have discovered the grater attachment on the food processor (it’s only taken 7 years!). Now we grate ½ kilo at a time and it seems to keep very well in a medium sized resealable freezer bag.

We know it's a bit cheesy but hopefully it's helpful!