Our Monthly Money Saving Tip For Families!

Save money – grow beans – it’s easy!

Runner beans are an excellent vegetable and you can easily grow them yourself. You don’t need vast tracts of open garden or allotment – a small 12” tub will do. Provided you have room outside your front or back door or on a balcony, it’s simple and the benefits are great! Equipment can be reused again and again. Why not share a pack of seeds with your friends?

Fresh beans can be prepared and cooked within minutes of being harvested thereby ensuring maximum retention of vitamins, minerals and taste!

No worry about food miles – think food metres!

Children can enjoy watching them grow.

Bees love the flowers.

All you need to provide several kilos of delicious, fresh runner beans:

1 x 12” garden pot/container

3 x 6ft/2m bamboo canes

1 packet runner beans

1 growbag/small bag of compost.

Piece of string/tie wrap


Fill pot with compost

Make wigwam of bamboo canes, tie 15cm from top, push into compost.

Plant 2 bean seeds near base of each pole. Follow packet directions.

Water well.

Let us know how you get on!