STRESS FREE TIP - Plan Ahead Before Your Visit!

We know first hand that that this is easy to say and difficult to do, but try your best to plan ahead with your schoolwear shopping. It will be worth it!

Even just writing a list of what you need ensures that you can hit the shops with a set agenda, this will save you a huge amount of time. You can get an idea of what you need from the list of requirements each school sends out regarding schoolwear.

Having your child’s measurements already written down will make the experience a little less painful and can save valuable time trying on different sizes, particularly during busy periods. You can use our size guide on the top menu to help if you are unsure!

Bringing a list of everything you need to buy (including any specific school requirements) will make the process faster and more structured for you. Not that we don't want you to stay and chat with us... but we know you have other places to be!