We are Keeping Value High and Prices Low...

You may have heard that some schoolwear retailers appear to be ‘ripping off’ their customers by agreeing a bespoke contract with schools.

At Dorset Schoolwear, we work with individual schools and academies to try to ensure that their needs and wishes are sensibly managed and we keep our prices as low as we can in view of the service we provide.

We only offer a bespoke service if required by the school/academy and even then we will try to identify the optimum low-cost solution to the bespoking requirement. Moreover, we always ensure that ‘best value’ garments are offered to school policy makers – by ‘best value’ we include in our calculations: ease of maintenance, year-round availability, long lasting, ‘look good’, wear comfort etc as well as price. After all, rarely do cheap garments last as long or shrug off stains as well as those that are a little more expensive.