All Saints Church of England Academy

Uniform Policy

Blazer - Black blazer with school badge.

Skirt - Smart, plain black skirt of knee length, no split or tiered skirts.

Trousers - Plain black - wool/synthetic woven fabric (not denim or corduroy) – any straight cut traditional style.

Shirt or Blouse - Plain Traditional White shirt in woven cotton/polyester fabric, buttoned to the neck and worn tucked in with a school tie.

Jumper - Plain black V neck.

Tie - All Saints clip-on tie or Year 11 clip-on tie.

Shoes - TOTALLY PLAIN FORMAL BLACK (Leather or similar) – must be flat or low heeled. No boots; open, backless shoes; canvas; plimsolls/pumps or trainers.

Socks or tights - These should be worn at all times. Socks must be plain black. Tights must be plain black or natural.

P.E. KIT - Shirts x 2 Black & Red reversible rugby shirt. White, short-sleeved T shirt with collar (with School logo)

Shorts - Plain black (No pockets or zips).

Socks - Long black socks + short white socks.

Footwear - Supportive training shoes designed for sport. Football boots. (Day to day footwear must not be worn for P.E.).

Tracksuit - Plain black or navy tracksuit bottoms.

ALSO - A gum shield & shin pads (boys & girls). When cold, pupils may wear other garments UNDERNEATH T-shirts/rugby shirts.

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